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Daniel, Kevin

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Due to popular demand and confidence in his artistic talents, Kevin concentrated his work on waterfowl, earning him national awards as well as becoming a two-time Minnesota Duck Stamp winner. Kevin continues to be challenged by the variety and complexities of wildlife he finds fascinating to capture with the paintbrush as well as the camera. Kevin’s upbringing in the Minnesota outdoors continues to inspire him.

Deans, Karen

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Karen's WOODEN TILE creations combine her love of color and pattern with her unique sense of style. Oil paint on panel has always been her favorite medium and gives the tiles their visual richness. Karen was born in Atlanta and graduated from the American University in Paris with a degree in art history. She lived in Tokyo for 4 years before moving to the Washington, D.C. area, where she now lives with her husband and three children.

De Bry, Johann Theodor

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“Of all the things which spring from this earth, flowers are the most beautiful for their grace and dignity, just as man surpasses every other living thing in dignity of body and soul.”
De Bry was part of a noted family of engravers from Frankfurt. He was one of the most talented and prolific engravers of his time. De Bry’s “Florilegium Novum,” was first published in 1611 and featured 82 engravings of plants and flowers. The plants were identified by their Latin name and each engraving was colored by hand. He was a true master as indicated by the careful composition and confident lines of the engravings. He chose soft delicate hues to color his plates and often highlighted with gold or silver accents.
Her abstracts have an edgy vibe and contain a wide range of color and texture, but are balanced with modern fashionable design. Her paintings bring a dynamic pop of color to wherever they are hung, but the compositions remain livable and accessible.

DeNardo, Laura

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One of Maryland’s most prominent artists, Laura DeNardo’s work has appeared in books, magazines, fine art shows, and gallery exhibitions nationwide. Her painstaking approach is apparent in a close examination of every print; whether in the atmospheric gray values of a foggy morning, or the crisp strata of a rocky seacoast.

Descubes, Alexandre

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Alexandre Descubes was born on Mauritius in July 1850. An island off the southern coast of Africa, Mauritius became an important way station en route to India.“The Isle of France” prospered under French rule with flourishing sugar cane plantations. But the French harboured mercenary pirates, or ‘corsairs’, who continually disrupted British trade. These outlaws sunk vessels carrying gold, silk and spices from India to Great Britain. The mighty British Navy set to gain military control and took possession in 1810.
A. Descubes began his career as a cartographer in the Engineering and Architectural Office between 1874 and 1886. Mapmakers and surveyors had the onerous task of exploring the unknown. During this time, Alexandre produced at least eight maps including one of Mauritius still used by surveyors today.From the mid-1880’s until his death, Descubes worked for the Survey of India, achieving the position of Superintendent of Forest Map Records by 1904.His botanical drawings (first drawn in pencil and painted in watercolor) were created between 1873 and 1919. They depict existing botany growing on the Indian sub-continent. Each rendering is painstakingly annotated with the Family, Genus, and Species, a list of literature references, the plant’s names in several languages, a botanical description of the plant and a list of habitats. Descubes completed more than 3,000 of these drawings. He’s rumored to have died between 1918-1919 during India’s influenza epidemic.


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Diderot was a scientist. He studied and collected information which was compiled for scientific journals. He drew sketches and diagrams of his observations of flowers, plants, animals, insects, musical instruments, architecture, machinery and anatomy. The list goes on and on. Diderot is attributed to one of the most prolific journals of science, technology and art ever produced. Diderot, however, did not engrave his own plates. His plates were engraved by several different engravers, such as Bernard. Since Diderot is the one attributed with the work, we know little about the engravers. The engravers simply transferred Diderots work onto the plates. Diderots plates were very popular and were reproduced in several different editions as well as in several different sizes. He produced such a large volume of work that it would have been impossible for one engraver to do all of his plates, so there were several different engravers working on his plates. The differences in the way the engravers name appears on the plate simply denotes a different edition or publication.

Edwards, George

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George Edwards was an English Naturalist. He was born at Stratford, in Essex, in 1694. From 1716 to 1731 he traveled around Holland, Norway, Belgium and France in pursuit of his art. He studied with Mark Catesby who trained him to engrave his own plates. Edwards began work on his book, Natural History of Uncommon Birds, in 1743 and completed it in 1751. From 1758 to 1764 he completed and published Gleanings of Natural History.
Edwards was librarian of the Royal College of Physicians.

Ehret, Georg Dionysius

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Ehret was born at Heidelberg into a family of gardeners. Upon his father’s death, he was forced into an apprenticeship with a gardener. After a short time and having only a few drawing lessons, Ehret set out to seek his fortune. He was commissioned by Johann Weinmann to do a series of botanical drawings, which were later published. He then met Christoph Jacob Trew; a wealthy physician and enthusiastic bibliophile who became his most important patron and lifelong friend. Trew encouraged Ehret to study plants from a scientific as well as an artistic perspective.
In 1736 Ehret had the opportunity to work with Carl Linnaeus, who had a profound effect on his work. Linnaeus taught Ehret to analyze the structure of plants before attempting to depict them and also explained his revolutionary system of identifying plant species on the basis of their reproductive organs.
Ehret settled in London and continued to produce botanical paintings and engravings; he became a very successful teacher of botanical illustration. In 1757 he was elected to the Royal Society. His vast collection of work was built on the ideal that the vision of both the artist and the scientist should combine in perfect harmony. His images were scientifically accurate but also portrayed a fine artistic sensibility.

Evelyn, John

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John Evelyn was born into a family of wealth and grew up in Sussex. He was a writer, gardener and diarist. Known for his knowledge of trees, Evelyn, wrote, A Discourse of Forest Trees to encourage landowners to plant trees for timber for the Navy. Evelyn was a prolific author and produced books on subjects diverse as Theology, Numismatics, Politics, Horticulture, Architecture and Vegetarianism.


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I've made and created stuff all of my life, and have had a go at pretty much everything creative... except for knitting. I can't knit

I'm a self-taught artist and a HUGE animal lover and currently live with four big dogs, and my husband, right by the sea in West Sussex on the south coast of the UK. We are really lucky to live with an amazing beach right on our doorstep where we can walk the dogs each day. I've had the privilege of living with many animals during my lifetime and have learned to appreciate all of their unique personalities and funny little quirks, and it's this that inspires my artwork.

Here in my Fab Funky shop I print my images onto antiquarian book pages. I'm a huge book lover, especially reference books, and so sometimes I end up reading the pages I'm supposed to the printing on! These are genuine pages from the 1800's and so they are steeped in history.

And of course I'm a lover of the absurd and whimsical which I think comes across in my artworks. I mainly focus on animals in my art. I take the human characteristics that I see in them and exaggerate them. Sometimes it takes the direction of an amusing image, but other times I like to give my animals and elegance, often inspired by the Regency and Victorian eras

Fagalde, Jarman

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Jarman Fagalde has been creating multimedia artwork for as long as she can remember. She enjoys both experimenting with layers and textures and creating more graphic, modern pieces. This dichotomy of interest is influenced by a background in fashion and graphic design combined with an interest in collecting natural oddities and unusual found objects.

Finch, Sheila

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“I began painting as a child, studying studio painting with regional artist Gene Woods. By the time I was sixteen, I was earning a steady income from the sale of my paintings. Over the past 45 years, my images have evolved into somewhat abstracted landscapes. I begin with a visual memory, sometimes using a photo or an en-plein-air painting sketch as reference. My intention is to allow the painting to evolve through the build up of thin films of translucent color. As the painting progresses, I add more motion, blending, value changes, and rhythm to the brushwork.I tend to lose my sense of self, and the painting ‘tells’ me what is required in order to capture the mood. I know a painting is complete when it takes on a luminous quality of light and color...a life of its own.”Finch's paintings are collected worldwide, and have most recently been acquired for thepermanent collection of the Carnegie Foundation at Stanford in Palo Alto, California.

Friel, Tara

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In her youth, Tara Friel had lots of tea parties with dragons, and dreamed of the day when she would dance like Ginger Rogers and be a famous 19th century artist. As she got older, she learned that time travel hadn't been perfected yet, so the part about living in the 1800's wasn't likely to work out. Her hopes dashed, she attended school, anyway, to learn about art (just in case). She still has tea parties with dragons, goes ballroom dancing, and works as a colorist (which is a lot like being a 19th century artist). Tara lives in Richmond, Virginia, and will be marrying her high school heartthrob soon. She concedes that this century has its charms, after all.

Fuchs, Jodi

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For nearly 20 years, Los Angeles based artist Jodi Fuchs has painted the homes of celebrities, hotels, resorts and movie sets as a decorative painter. She now translates those artistic skills onto her abstract canvases with a a playful and decidedly modern twist. Her work reflects an interest in patterns, squiggles, mark making, colors colliding and rhythmic tension . It's the feel of the piece that she finds provocative. When she's not painting, Jodi teaches yoga and art workshops to help others connect with and express their innate creativity.

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