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Little is known about Giardini other than he lived during the mid 1700’s. His works were usually engraved by Bouillon, a famous French engraver. Giardini often combined botanical imagery with vases, which was unusual for the time period.

Goldberger, Jennifer

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Jennifer has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She began painting with oils at the age of eleven and has been working in them ever since. In 2001 she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University where she received numerous awards and a Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Printmaking. 

Professionally she found her niche in 2001, creating decorative art for World Art Group, an art publishing company in Richmond, Virginia. She uses her flexibility of style and technical control of painting and drawing to create art that is diverse yet linked by common themes. The work embodies sophistication of color and design, and an understanding of composition, light, and space. 

Experimenting with media has been a joy in her career. She has expanded her media library from oil and pencil to include encaustic, watercolor, acrylic, ink, printmaking, and collage. Along with her extensive background in graphic design, she now creates around 600 images per year.

Jennifer is inspired by everything that surrounds her and she revels in the ability to create beautiful art as her life and career.

Gordon, Sharon

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Sharon Gordon was born and raised in Upstate New York. She began her education at Sage, Albany where she was awarded a scholarship to study in Europe. Experiencing artwork throughout France and Italy was a determining factor in Gordon’s decision to spend her life as a painter. Sharon later attended Skidmore College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art.
Sharon has enjoyed continuing success as a painter, having had successful group and solo shows as well as ongoing representation at numerous galleries throughout the East Coast. Most recently, Sharon was invited to participate in the Everson Museum of Art 2008 Biennial Exhibition. She maintains a painting studio in Syracuse, New York, where she lives with her husband James Clark.

Gould, John

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John Gould, the Bird Man, was the enterprising genius behind the creation of 2,999 different hand-colored lithographic plates of birds and animals. He was born on September 14, 1804, at Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast in England. As the son of a gardener, Gould had no formal university training. He considered himself a self-made man. Nevertheless his contributions to this science were so vast that in 1843 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society. 

Gould married Elizabeth Coxen in 1827. Elizabeth travelled and worked with Gould until her death in 1841. Shortly after their marriage, Gould, who was a skilled taxidermist, acquired a collection of bird skins from the hill country of the Himalayas, many of them new to Europe. After he stuffed and mounted them, he realized their artistic possibilities, and his new life as bird illustrator began. Elizabeth helped to draw, lithograph and color many of his first plates. Over the next 57 years Gould published more than 40 large folio volumes. The first set appeared in 1831 and the last set in 1888, seven years after Gould’s death.
Scholars think that Gould himself did the original sketches for all of the plates. Other artists – Elizabeth Coxen, Edward Lear, Joseph Wolf, William Hart, and H.C. Richter- did most of the hand coloring and lithography. With the hummingbirds, which are naturally iridescent, gold or silver leaf was used under the watercolor to mirror their natural beauty. Richard Bowdler Sharp cooperated with Gould on his later works and supervised the completion of the works after Gould’s death in 1881. 

In his pursuit of new and different birds, John Gould traveled to Asia, Australia and the East Indies. His series of natural history plates is considered by many as the finest works of bird illustrations ever presented. His Hummingbirds along with his Toucans and his Birds of Paradise, are generally most in demand by collectors, but his other works are the same exquisite quality. The making of these prints was technically and artistically demanding. Gould’s original sketches were transferred to stone with special pencils or chalk. They were printed by hand from the stones. Each print was hand- colored, and issued in small sets to subscribers only. As the prints were very expensive for their time, only a few hundred of the wealthiest people and institutions could afford the, accounting for their rarity today.

Green-Aldridge, Willie

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Willie Green-Aldridge’s perspective comes from a combination of her experience in interior design and art. She is an award winning, commissioned artist with works appearing in both corporate and residential collections. 

Her unique and strong sense of color harmonies and spatial relationships allows her work to easily complement any environment. The work is rich with bold uses of color and often richly textured, possessing a distinctive surface employing various techniques and media. 

It is through the mixture of colors where my feelings come through,” she says. “It is where I celebrate the beauty of life.”

Harper, Ethan

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With a background in classical oil painting and medical illustration, Ethan Harper employs a painterly approach to his work while still incorporating elements of realism.  His love for vivid color results in a vast array of palettes encompassing many distinct moods.  Harper is a designer for World Art Group and continues to pursue his own art.  Ethan got his start in the decorative art field as a production artist for Old World Prints, hand-painting reproductions.  It wasn’t long before his talents were discovered.  Ethan now designs color for new hand colored images and creates originals for publishing as open edition or limited edition prints.  We consider Ethan Harper an up and coming artist because of his versatility.  He merges a classical background with modern sensibilities.

Harrington, Danielle

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Danielle Harrington lives with her family by the beach in Birch Bay Washington. A life long artist who originally pursued a career in painting transitioned to using the abundance of images found in nature combined together with different textures to create art that cohesively appeals to the eye. Danielle loves to co-create with elements made perfect and beautiful by the sun and rain.

Head, Danny

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Danny was born and still resides in the mountain lakes region of Northeast Alabama, with a secondary residence in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. After graduating from Auburn University, he pursued a career in his field of study; logistics. Finding a need for “change”, he began a new career based on his secondary studies; art. Today, Danny serves as President (and product designer) for an art framing, components company.From an early age, Danny had a passion for building structures in miniature. Through self study, he developed those skills and placed himself into an elite group of fine-scale modelers. His work has been recognized in the publication, The Modeler’s Annual and on several internet sites. His replicas and dioramas have won top honors in numerous regional, national and international competitions.
Photography is a relatively new medium for Danny, starting in late 2008. In fact, Danny does not like to consider himself a photographer, but rather a digital artist. He explains that the camera is like his sketch pad and his software are his brushes. Danny’s subjects can vary widely, but perhaps his favorite subjects center around rural America.

Hebert, Deann

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Deann Hebert won her first art contest in 4th grade, it was a portrait of her mother, from then on she knew she was destined to become an artist. Deann received her BFA from Auburn University and continued her art studies abroad at The London Institute, including Chelsea College of Art & Design, and Central St. Martin's College of Art & Design.  In a few short years, Deann's work has quickly gained the attention of art lovers and collectors across the nation.  Her impasto- style artwork is warm, fun, and energetic, and her spirit is part of every piece she creates. In 2009 Deann was the featured artist at the prestigious Harding Art Show in Nashville, and was also voted "Best Local Visual Artist" by The Nashville Scene®. You can catch her working in her studio located in an old factory in historic Franklin, Tennessee, most everyday. Deann feels blessed to be able to do what she loves to do everyday of her life.

Heck, J.G.

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Based on J.G.Heck’s Bilder Atlas zum Conversations Lexicon, published in Germany in the last century, the Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art was a monumental six-volume compilation of illustrations and information covering an enormous range of subjects. Among it’s most remarkable features were the more than 11,000 superb steel engravings, comprising one of the most extensive pictorial archives published in a single work.
One of three separate and independent volumes based on the rare original American edition of 1851, is devoted to military science, geography and history. Selections of ancient and modern maps were translated into English from an extensive glossary originally listed in German place names.

Hill, John

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John Hill was a somewhat controversial figure in the history of botany in England. He received his initial training in a pharmacy then worked as a gardener and curator of dried plants. He soon abandoned this work to pursue acting and writing; writing on subjects from science to theology to naval history – he even wrote a few plays and novels. His most impressive achievement was a 26- volume work, The Vegetable System, for which he personally designed and etched 1,600 plates.
Eden: or, A Compleat Body of Gardening is arranged as a calendar; a week by week guide for the gardener for care of the flower- garden, kitchen-garden, and nursery. Illustrations of different plants, generally in flower, are provided, together with a description and a brief history of each. Usually six or seven different plants are shown together, realistically portrayed and artistically arranged on the page. Hill later received his medical degree and was given rank and title of an English Knight. He participated in the groundbreaking work that became the botanical gardens of Kew and he also worked as a gardener at Kensington Palace.

Hogarth, William

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An English painter and engraver, William Hogarth, trained as an engraver in the Rococo tradition. By 1720 he was independently established in London as an engraver on copper of billheads and book illustrations. In his spare time he studied painting. By 1730, Hogarth had begun to make a name for him self with small conversation pieces and also set up as a portrait painter. He invented and popularized the use of sequential and anecdotal pictures ‘similar to representations on the stage’ that dealt with morals and satirized social abuses. Series such as A Harlot’s Progress (c.1731), A Rake’s Progress (c.1735) and Marriage a` la Mode (c.1743) portray the punishment of vice in a somewhat lurid melodrama. Each series was painted with the intent to be engraved. The engravings were widely popular and accepted among all classes.
Hogarth was far and away the most important British artist of his generation. Because so much of his work has a ‘literary’ element, his qualities as a painter have often been overlooked, although he was as equally outstanding as a painter as he was an engraver. *Adapted from The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists

Holland, J.

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J. Holland received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mary Washington College. Her background is very traditional and her style reflects this while also having contemporary influences such as Philip Pearlstein and Wolf Kahn. Holland works in many different media ranging from sculpture to watercolor and often uses various materials to complete a piece.

Ilosky, Pam

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With a background in Sequential Art, Pam Ilosky's major influences come from Pop Art and comics. She started her career as a traditional colorist which has given her an eye for detail and color blending. Pam has expanded into the digital art world by blending digital photography with traditional media to create digital illustrations. She currently works as a graphic designer at World Art Group, a design and publishing company in Richmond, Virginia.

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