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Pallan, Nancy S.

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Nancy Pallan began painting and drawing at an early age when her father, a professional photographer and artist, encouraged her abilities. She received private instruction and later earned her degree in art education. Although she practiced numerous techniques and worked in a variety of media, it is her detailed, realistic style of watercolor that makes Nancy’s wildlife and botanical studies so popular.  Nancy finds ample subject matter in her native northwestern Pennsylvania. Nearly 350 species of birds migrate here, and numerous wildflowers populate the local creek beds.  Her paintings often require several hundred hours of work since this intricate technique allows no shortcuts. Nancy’s beautiful results make her hard work well worth the effort.

Patterson, Matt

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Matt Patterson is an award-winning professional illustrator and designer who lives and paints in his studio in beautiful southern New Hampshire.

Matt remembers drawing and painting from a very young age, when he was fascinated with wildlife, and much of his work today reflects his early interest in painting the natural world.

The artist has a degree in studio art and also graduated with a professional certificate from the prestigious Art Institute of Boston in 2006.

He has worked both as a freelance illustrator and as a staff artist creating decorative illustration, and has extensive experience in designing a wide variety of commercial and retail products. The artist has also exhibited his work in a number of fine art galleries and has been honored to have paintings in the permanent collections of two museums.

Matt Patterson works in both traditional and digital media, and has completed a diverse collection of artwork ranging from scientific and book illustration to trompe l'oeil murals.

His most recent book, Freshwater Fish of the Northeast, recently won the Design and Artistic Merit Category of the 2010 National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA).

Pergolesi, Michael Angelo

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Pergolesi was a printer and water color artist who flourished during the second half of the 18th Century. At the age of 60 he moved from Rome to London to work with acclaimed artist and furniture designer Adam. Pergolesi’s most noted work was entitled Designs for Various Ornaments and was published 1777- 1801. His ideas and designs greatly influenced furniture design of the period.

Perry, Rachel

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Rachel Perry graduated magna cum laude from California’s San Jose State University earning a Bachelor’s in graphic design with concentrations in illustration and photography. With employment in publishing, advertising and design her main focus centered on graphic design; and so for many years photography was only a side interest for shooting places of interest and friends’ portraits.
Since 2003 when Rachel was presented with her first digital camera, her photographic art consumes almost all of her creative time. Besides her expressions of beauty in flowers, scenes, and nature, Rachel also thrives with still-life concepts.  She creates a wealth of dramatic imagery, framing each shot into a pleasing composition to draw the viewer in. Some images are manipulated with filters and outlining to create photo-real designs.  Rachel’s passion to create beautiful imagery is fueled by her photographic talents and her desire to share them with others. Her images and designs can be viewed at under Photographic Art.

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista

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Italian etcher, archaeologist, and architect, born in Venice but active for almost all his career in Rome, where he settled in 1740. In Venice he studied perspective and stage design and in Rome he achieved great popularity with his dramatically conceived etchings of the ancient and modern city- the Vedute- published from 1745 onwards. He often altered the scale of buildings to make them look even grander than they are in actuality – he conceived visions of Rome beyond what it boasted even in the meridian of its splendor and his work played a major role in shaping the popular mental image of the city. 
Piranesi produced numerous other plates of Roman antiquities and architectural details, by the age of forty he was famous throughout Rome and Europe. He was also known for a series of fantastic imaginary prisons. These highly original works were later claimed by the Surrealists as an anticipation of their principles. Although only one of Piranesi’s architectural designs was built (Sta Maria del Priorato, Rome, 1764-6), he was important as an architectural polemicist, most notably in his Della magnificenza ed architettura de’ Romani (1761), in which he championed the superiority of Roman architecture over Greek. Piranesi’s influence was felt not only by architects, but also by stage designers and painters but perhaps most of all on the literary mind. After his death in 1778, his etchings continued to be published and his son, Francesco Pietro; also a skilled artist, continued his work.

Polwhele, Richard

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The Reverend Richard Polwhele is known as a poet, essayist, clergyman and topographer. He published The History of Devonshire in three volumes between 1793- 1806.

Popp, Grace

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Grace Popp earned her BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since joining the World Art Group in 2014, her primary medium has become watercolor, which she periodically supplements with other materials. She is inspired by nature, films, history, current events, and other artists both past and present. Grace and her business partner Sami Cronk started Tiny Art Company in 2015, which sells handmade tiny things on Etsy. She currently lives in Charlottesville VA, with her partner and two perfect cats, Hitch and Ollie.

Project, A

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A Project initially focused her studies on the liberal arts, earning a BA, summa cum laude, from Amherst College in 2001. She went on to receive her MFA from Washington University in St Louis. Her work, exhibited nationally, has earned her residencies at Cooper Union in New York and the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Having largely focused on feminist concerns about beauty and body image, Aimee is expanding this study by looking at the broader notions that shape our conceptions of the beautiful.

Reynolds, Graham

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Trained as a technical illustrator and re-toucher. Graham worked almost exclusively in the 1980’s for the film industry producing posters for cinema and video releases. His Indiana Jones poster used at the Cannes Film Festival was actually approved by Steven Spielberg himself.

However, car illustration has always been Graham’s forte, working for car giants such as Ford, Mercedes and Toyota as well as oil companies such as Shell, Texaco and Esso.

He has worked in the Music industry, as well as major Advertising Agencies in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Holland.

Graham’s work has appeared in several exhibitions including the celebrated JCA illustration show in Tokyo in 1995.

His superb technique and attention to detail make Graham Reynolds one of the best photo realistic car illustrators in the world.

Roll, Dlynn

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Dlynn Roll is a self-taught artist currently living in Central Florida. Her early years were spent in Texas and although she had a strong passion to create art she put that desire on hold to pursue a career as a hair stylist. After getting married and relocating to Florida she started to explore her creative interests. Most of her efforts have centered around abstract painting where she draws on life experiences like raising two sons, surviving cancer twice and going through a bone marrow transplant for inspiration. 
”I create my paintings with acrylic while sometimes adding subtle metallic. My subject matter varies from abstract to whimsy. I like to work intuitively from quick charcoal foundation lines to wet on wet manipulation of paint adjusting temperature and viscosity for effect. Pulling from childhood memories, current events and daily observations my artistic goal is to build a bridge between what I feel and what the viewer sees. Trusting in my faith in God I hope to share a positive “Aha” moment when my art is interpreted by my audience.”

Rose, Bill

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With degrees in Anthropology, Urban Planning, and Painting Bill Rose is inspired by his environment at all times. He is particularly interested in landscape and has always enjoyed painting not only subjects in nature, but also the negative spaces around them. The shape of the sky between the leaves of a tree is as much the subject as the tree itself. This foreground/background relationship is a continuing fascination for Bill.Through the Trees is inspired by Bill's fascination with not only the trees themselves, but the negative spaces that the leaves create. Bill has painted the sky as the foreground and allowed the trees to remain the amorphous shapes framing these areas.

Russell, Wendy

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Wendy is an artist who believes that versatility and adaptation are essential to her work.  Although finely detailed work is her first love, she also enjoys painting in a looser style with larger brushstrokes, forms and textures. Wendy attended the University of Connecticut where she graduated in the mid 70’s with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  She worked in the Visual Merchandising field for a major retail and furniture chain, and in her spare time, she taught herself the art of spinning, dyeing and hand weaving, and sold and exhibited her work in the New England region. She has enjoyed a career in painting for licensing and reproduction since the early 90’s.

Rutledge, Silvia

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Silvia Rutledge grew up in a small Canadian beach town on Lake Huron.   She was continually drawing and painting with her mother as a child.  The surrounding Canadian wilderness and wildlife was astoundingly beautiful.  Later she decided to go to a serious art school and produced pen and ink and oil pieces which she sold on location while living abroad in Germany, Paris, Italy, and Greece.  She subsequently moved to California and have been in love with the landscape and the light ever since.

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