1. On the World Art Group homepage, click on "My Account"
in the upper right hand corner.

2. Log in to your account using your email address & password. If you're
a new member, click on the link "NEW MEMBERS SIGN UP HERE."

3. Now start shopping! While browsing through images in our catalog,
click on the box under each image that you want to add to your PDF,
then click "Add selected to PDF." To add every image on the page to
your PDF, click on
"Add entire page to PDF."
*When adding individual images, be sure to click the "Add selected to PDF"
button before moving on to the next page, otherwise your selections will be lost.*

4. When you're done selecting images for your PDF, click on the
"Build PDF Presentation" tab near the top of the page.

5. You will then see the PDF Presentation page, with all of your selected
images on it. To add more images, just click on "Continue Shopping."
If you know an image's item number, you can also add it to your PDF
using the SKUs box on the right side of the screen. 

6. When you're satisfied with your list, click on "Create PDF Presentation."
This will take you to your PDF options page.
*If you click the "Clear" button you will lose all the images in your PDF presentation*

7. On the PDF options page, you can choose how many images to
display per page (4, 6, or 9), select whether or not to display pricing,
and choose your sorting method. Once you've decided, just click
the green "Create PDF Presentation" button.

8. Your PDF is done and ready to be saved or printed!
Just click the disk or printer icon on the bottom of the PDF page.
You must save the PDF to your computer at this point if you want
to have access to it at a later time.